Best Blu-ray Ripper 2017

Here we list you the top Blu-ray Ripper for 2017, it offers an easy way to make backup copies of your favorite movies and digitally archive your media library so you’ll always have access to your Blu-ray movies, even if you lose the original Blu-ray discs.


What a Blu-ray Ripper should be?

Blu-ray Ripper software should be easy to learn and use and it provides a wide array of copy, rip, compression and customizations opition.

Ease of Use – Refers to the general user-friendliness and interface design of  Blu-ray Ripper. It should have intuitive navigation and the overall conversion process is simple and quick. It could easily be utilized by both beginner and advanced users.

Features – Generally speaking, the more features and functionalities the software has, the better and more versatile it is. The best Blu-ray Ripper should offers a range of both important functionalities and customizable features. With heavily weighted built-in decryption, the best Blu-ray Ripper should not require users to purchase a third-party application in order to bypass disc copy protections.

Cross Platfrom – It has both Windows and Mac version, and Free Trail version available.

Quality of Rip/Copy Blu-ray – How well an application can convert Blu-ray into common video format while maintaining the original quality is another crucial factor to consider. When assessing the quality of the output file, the converted video should not have a sharp picture, doesn’t have any perceptible skips or jumps in the video and the audio is originally clear. Additionally, output videos of the best Blu-ray Ripper should have audio and picture that is completely synced.

Conversion Speed – Ripping blu-ray disc or Copying blu-ray movie should happen at a reasonable quick speed. It shouldn’t take forever to rip blu-ray, copy blu-ray, but faster is not always better. Keep in mind that your system has a lot to do with the speed of conversion. the best Blu-ray Ripper makes a balance among faster ripping conversion speed, amazing output video audio quality and smaller file size.

Technical Support – Technical support refers to any assistance offered by the manufacturer to address specific registration, installation or post-installation problems. When it comes to this type of software, most manufacturers render support through FAQs, tutorials and user guides or manuals could find on their websites. For more specific issues, the best Blu-ray Ripper should support contact by email. If you can’t find your needed question, you can contact via email to get your answer.

NO.1 Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper / for Mac

As Blu-ray Ripper

Brorsoft has the most powerful crack technology. Both 3D Blu-ray discs, 2D Blu-ray discs, and standard DVDs can be ripped to all popular SD and HD (3D) video formats like 4K/1080P/720P MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, WMV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MPEG and more. Meanwhile Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper also provides the preset formats for over 200 hot devices (iPadiPhoneAndroid, Surface tablet, Samsung GalaxyXboxPlayStationNAS, Panasonic/Samsung/Sony/LG Smart TVs/HDTVs/3D TVs). Simply select the profile to rip Blu-ray/DVD for playback on your device with optimized settings and never worry about the video incompatibility!

As Blu-ray Copier

Mac Version screenshot, click here for Windows Version screenshot

However, like all physical things, Blu-ray discs are prone to damage or loss. Then you have to rebuy your movies or go without them – both are a waste of money. Even though you can stream or download your shows directly from the internet, having a physical copy is a good idea. You never know when your favorite show will leave Netflix or Hulu. And you can’t always rely on your internet connection to deliver your shows with the same high quality found on physical Blu-ray discs.

If you want to always have access to your media, copy Blu-ray movies by Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper is the way to go. It allows you to make physical and digital backup copies of your Blu-ray library. It provides two model for you: Copy Blu-ray Main Movie Only or Backup Blu-ray Whole Structure. This is great because it means you’ll always have access to the movies you paid for.

NO.2 Leawo Blu-ray Ripper


The good: Leawo Blu-ray Ripper comes with the popular feature to convert 2D to 3D. It can load multiple Blu-ray and DVD movies at one time. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper has stunning trim and crop feature- it trims movie more accurate and crops video more considerate than its competitors. If you have tons of movies waiting to rip and feel like having a Blu-ray Ripper queue them several movies for running overnight, Leawo is recommended.

The bad: Not recognizing Blu-ray ISO or forced subtitle (if there is). GPU encoding is restricted to Nvidia’s CUDA only. There’s no backup option for keeping original movie quality.

The bottom line: Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a nice tool for DVD ripping and Full HD video converting.

User Review:
This tool falls in that category of premium tools that you can use for professional purpose. The great thing is that you can buy it at very affordable rate. – anita upenieks

NO.3 Aimersoft Blu-ray Ripper


The good: By taking advantage of AMD APP, Intel Quick Sync Video and NVIDIA CUDA technology, Aimersoft Blu-ray ripper converts movies faster and saves your time. It rips Blu-ray/DVD into almost all popular video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, etc) and features versatile format templates for smartphones, game consoles and MP3 players. Its “Backup” function let users envelop a whole Blu-ray movie into a MKV/DVD into VOB without quality loss. If you’re looking for a way putting movies onto a HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, or Motorola smartphone, the Aimersoft Blu-ray Ripper is worth checking out.

The bad: It does not support Blu-ray ISO or BDMV structure. There’s no option for preserving only forced subtitles. Most Blu-ray Discs are not loading to the software. you can’t find this software in offical website.

The bottom line: Aimersoft Blu-ray Ripper handles DVD ripping as good as any other rippers, but the company really needs to work hard and step forward in Blu-ray Disc cracking. Other than that, Aimersoft Blu-ray Ripper is impressively fast and helpful.

User Review: It’s a perfect converting software for home Blu-ray and DVD discs. – Anne Householder

NO.4 Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper


The good: When it comes to decrypting/hacking Blu-ray discs, DVDs and any videos, Aiseesoft is about as good as it gets. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper well deserves its high reputation in decryption, and it only handles AACS, BD+, Region code restriction Blu-rays. By taking advantage of CUDA accelerating, the conversion time is greatly shorted. Want to convert Blu-ray/DVD/Video to 3D? It’s a piece of cake, you can convert Blu-ray to MKV, AVI, MOV DVD ane etc video to any video format. If you want to convert and play any video on popular devices, Aiseesoft would be your choice.

The bottom line: Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper decrypts and rips Blu-ray title to various video files playable on next generation consoles.

The bad: You can’t rip Cinavia protected Blu-ray discs. Sometimes it’s going to crash.

User Reviews:
Special products often come at hefty price but this one is offered at highly discounted price by Aiseesoft. A product you should try out.  But I can’t load newest Blu-ray discs into it.- erica fox

I always believe in praising the work of developers if I came across any quality tool and Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper has really encouraged me to do so. – nathaniel rankin

NO.5 MakeMKV


Price: $50 (30-day free trial)
Platform: Mac, Windows and Linux

If you want to make a lossless copy of the Blu-ray collections, then MakeMKV is the best Blu-ray ripping software 2017 recommended for you. MakeMKV is available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and works as a good Blu-ray decrypter to bypass the copy protections on Blu-ray and DVD and convert the videos from the encrypted disc into lossless MKV files with all video and audio tracks. All the features will be free as long as it’s MakeMKV beta, and after 30-days free trial, you will need to pay $50.

What you should note is MKV is the only output format you can choose, and as MKV contains all the information of the disc, the output file can be very large in size, only about 10% smaller than Blu-ray files and roughly 40% smaller than Blu-ray files.

In Conclusion

Making Blu-ray backup copies or ripping your Blu-ray into more convenience digital foramt is a great idea. It ensures that you’ll have access to your favorite Blu-ray movies and TV shows long after the original Blu-ray discs have become obsolete. Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper – one of the best Blu-ray rip/copy programs make it easy to create copies or rips that are identical to the original for you.

free-trail-for-windows-version free-trail-for-mac-version

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