Converting Blu-ray/DVD to MKV/MP4 without losing quality

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I convert everything into two formats, MKV and MP4. So, in this article, I will throw a quick tutorial up on how to convert Blu-ray, DVD movies to MKV, MP4 format playback without losing quality. Well, to finish the task, which one is the best Blu-ray or DVD Ripper? There are many Blu-ray Ripper programs claims to do the Blu-ray disc copying and ripping job. It can be a great challenge for you to find the best one on your own, after a lot of online testing and comparison, i finally choose Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper. It is a professional and powerful all-in-one Blu-ray/DVD disc handling tool, integrating DVD/Blu-ray Ripping, Conversion, and Backup. With decent decrypting capability, high quality video output, considerate backup solution and specific format templates for versatile PMP ...

Converting Blu-ray ISO to MP4/MKV for NAS DLNA streaming

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Chances are you have stored a bunch of .ISO image of Blu-ray in your computer or server, ever thought of streaming those ISO image files via DLNA to iOS, WD TV, PS3/PS4, etc? Here is a simple guide teaches you how to convert Blu-ray ISO to NAS MKV, MP4 format with the best quality for DLNA streaming. Blu-ray ISO file, or Blu-ray ISO image file, is an image file of a physical Blu-ray disc. It contains all the contents of a Blu-ray disc and can be used to replicate Blu-ray Disc for a backup or further creation to discs. However, it is not a file format that Windows or Mac can open natively, and ISO is not supported by NAS device. As far as we know, MP4, MKV are commonly supported formats for computer, Apple TV, iOS devices, Roku player, etc via streaming videos from NAS. Thus , to pla...
How to Rip Blu-ry to MKV Files

How to Rip Blu-ry to MKV Files

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In this article, you will get the very easy method to rip your Blu-ray disc to MKV files with MakeMKV step by step. Plus, you can rip the Blu-ray to MKV, MP4, MOV or other common format with the all-in-one Blu-ray Ripper instead. If you are looking to make digital backups of your favorite Blu-ray movies, you can find few better tools than MakeMKV, a freeware video transcoder that is quick and easy to use. MakeMKV is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It uses built-in decryption tools that circumvent digital rights management technology and rip the Blu-ray to MKV files. Editor Note: You probably won't face any legal consequences if you rip your legally purchased Blu-ray movie collection for your own use, but we're just going to present the instructions and let you decide for y...