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Copy Blu-ray for playing on Vizio P/M Series 4K LED TV via usb-hard drive

Blu-ray to Vizio 4K/Smart TVs, TV Solutions
The best Vizio TV we've reviewed is the Vizio P Series 2017 LED TV. This is the exact same TV as the P Series 2016, but it replaces its tablet remote for a more functional and simple standard remote to access on screen menus. It sports a powerful local dimming feature making it one of the best LED TVs for watching movies in a dark room. It's not quite as bright as competing models from other manufacturers, but it still offers great value and a great gaming experience thanks to its low input lag. The Vizio M Series 2017 4k LED TV offers a lot of the performance found on the P Series for a significant discount. Its local dimming feature isn't quite as good as the P Series, but it's still better than the average found in its price range. Vizio added HDR related features this year such as a...

Ripping Blu-ray DVD for Loading to USB/DLNA Watching on Sony XBR65X850

Blu-ray DVD to Sony Bravia TV, TV Solutions
Run into a problem with ripping a Blu-ray DVD and loading it on to USB flash drive. The TV is a Sony XBR65X850 just out of the box. How to play Blu-ray, DVD movies on Sony Bravia TV by USB?This article is going to answer these questions. When it comes to watch Blu-ray movies on Sony TV, the very first method you think is using a Blu-ray Player, connected to TV via HDMI, right? In this article, we talk about watching Blu-ray on Sony TV via DLNA or USB, instead of using a Blu-ray Player, which is more convenient and efficient to manage all of your Blu-rays. If you have purchased some commercial Blu-ray or DVD movies, you may have known that purchased Blu-ray/DVD movies are copy protected, we can’t copy Blu-ray/DVD medias to USB Flash Drive, Pen Drive or NAS for watching directly, in or