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Rip Blu-ray/DVD to Synology NAS view through Smart TVs|Best Ripper 2017

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A quick tip on how to convert Blu-ray or DVD videos to NAS for storing, so that you can play DVD, Blu-ray Disc on HDTV, PS3 and more gadgets from a NAS drive easily. "I wanna to rip my Blu-ray or DVD Discs to MKV or MP4 format, so that these output mkv/mp4 movies can bee stored on a Synology NAS and accessed through a Samsung 700 Smart TV using DS Video app by Synology. i want to get the best ripper, any ideas?" To be sure, most of you know how to rip Blu-rays, and have been doing so just fine. The problem you face is how to rip Blu-ray to a NAS proper format with best settings for NAS streaming while maintaining the highest quality possible. As far as we know, MP4, MKV are commonly supported formats for computer, Apple TV, iOS devices, Roku player, etc via streaming videos from NAS....

Remove Region Code From Blu-ray for Playing Blu-rays on Xbox One

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This article show you an easy way to fast remove Blu-ray region code and tells you how to convert Blu-ray to MP4 format to enable you to play Blu-ray on Xbox One without any limit. Blu-ray region code is a kind of protection to help film distributors to control a release of film, like movie content, date of release and price. With it, you can only play Blu-rays in a restricted region. However, many people are not aware of this, and buy some favorite Blu-rays with pleasure during their travel abroad. When they get home, they just get disappointed, because those Blu-rays from other regions just can’t be played on their Blu-ray players. Okay, now i just wanna to copy my Blu-ray movies to play on my Xbox One, what should i do? A quick idea come to mind is to disable or reset the a
Enable Xbox One S Play 4K Ultra Blu-ray Disc

Enable Xbox One S Play 4K Ultra Blu-ray Disc

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Article here aim to show you make the 4K Ultra Blu-ray playable on Xbox One S, the guide given in the article, just follow the step by step, you will be able to watch the Ultra HD Blu-ray on Xbox smoothly. When Microsoft announced that its Xbox One S was going to feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, we were instantly excited by the prospect of a feature-packed, bargain 4K disc-spinner. And we know we weren't the only ones. Below is quote from Mircrosoft Page: First, make sure you have an Xbox One S and a 4K TV, and check your TV's capabilities. To see if you have an Xbox One S, look on the back of your console. On the right side, near the network port, there should be a sticker that reads "Xbox One S." If that sticker is missing, check the bottom of the console for a stick