How to Convert DAV to MKV – DAV to MKV Converter Tutorial

This tutorial explains how easily can convert your DAV files to MKV format with just few clicks.

What is the .DAV file type?

The .dav extension denotes the Dahua DVR Video (DAV) file format and the .dav file type. Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is the major Chinese producer and provider of AVR (Analog Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) solutions for a wide range of applications (home/office security, multi-channel CCTV surveillance, etc.). Dahua products are often re-branded and marketed under a dozen other trademarks, incl. Mace, Q-See, XTSVideo and others.

DAV is a proprietary encrypted container format by Dahua based upon the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec, with possible vendor-specific sub-variants of the format. Being containers, DAV files can contain both video and audio tracks.

Do you want to convert DAV video to MKV?

Easy, it’s just one of the over 250formats supported by Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate , along with DAV, MOV, FLV, DVD, Blu-ray and many more!

It takes just few clicks to convert DAV video to MKV format with this program. No need to have any special knowledge about video formats, just run the software, open a video, select a ready-made preset, and click Convert Now!

Here are the simple steps on how to convert DAV or any other video to MKV.

Step 1. Upload the DAV files

Install and run the DAV to MKV converter. Then, click on the “Add” button to import the DAV files from your computer or any other device. You are able to view the videos or even take snapshots once the files are added successfully.

Step 2. Choose MKV as output format

Click Format bar and select “MKV(Matroska) Video (*.mkv)” as output format from “Common Video” category. If you want to get better HD video quality, just select “MKV HD Video (*.mkv)” from “HD Video” category.

Tip: If you need, you can click “Setting” to tweak the detailed video and audio encoding settings.

Step 3. Start converting DAV to MKV videos

Finally, tap the “Convert” button to begin converting DAV files to MKV videos. After a while, you will get the MKV video files for easy playing and uploading.

That’s it!

And that’s all about using Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimatesoftware for converting video from DAV to any desired format! Now, anytime you want to convert DAV video to MKV video formats, just run Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate and follow these steps.

You should know that by using Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate you will also find a reverse way on how to convert MKV to DAV, MP4, AVI, FLV format.

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