Steps to Convert Blu-ray to Amazon Fire 7 (2017) Kids Tablet

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Find out a way to convert Blu-ray to Amazon Fire 7 kids tablet with a Blu-ray to Fire 7 Converter so as to enjoy Disney Blu-ray collections your kids love on Amazon Fire 7 (2017). With the popularity of HD movies, Blu-rays are welcomed to many movie fans. And 2017 rolls out shiny new Blu-ray releases like Disney Moana, Doctor Strange, Despicable Me 2, Passenger, Sing, etc. For Blu-ray collectors, it's a good choice to watch Blu-ray movies on the mobile Fire 7 (2017) Kids Tablet. However, the Fire 7 still can not enable your kids to watch Disney movie Blu-ray without the process of converting Blu-ray to Amazon Fire 7. In order to play Disney Blu-ray movies on Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet, one feasible way is to convert Blu-ray to Fire 7 supported video format first (for example the m...

Easily Upload Blu-ray ISO to Dropbox for Viewing Anywhere

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You might fail to copy large ISO files to your Dropbox. Or, find that target device can't recognize the ISO files from the Dropbox after putting ISO to Dropbox successfully. What's more, almost all devices can't play ISO files natively. So, the best way to add ISO file to Dropbox is to convert ISO file to digital formats that Dropbox supports. In fact, it's easy to upload your ISO files to Dropbox as long as you got a ISO converter in hand. I'd like to know if the ISO converting software does the job of compressing ISO down to a reasonable file size that can be uploaded to Dropbox for sharing or remoted access? And, there is no better converting solution than Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper as it offers clean way to customize your own profile and it accurately estimates the output file size...

How to Watch Blu-ray movies on Windows 10 Laptop HP Spectre X360 13(2017) ?

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Offering a delightful gold trim around a signature shade that is tough to describe (I’m going to go for a dark walnut), the Spectre x360 is HP’s answer to consumers looking for a convertible laptop. It offers HD gaming, a 4K touch screen and an innovative hinge. The package offers a comfortable eight hours of battery life as long as you keep the screen brightness down, and while laptops of this size are going to need a decent sized bag, the Spectre manages to offer the feeling of portability with a machine that works well on your desk. But has it done enough to stand out in a sea of Windows 10 laptops? I think it does, partly because of HP’s new design language, partly because the designers had a clear sense of what they wanted to deliver and had a realistic price point to aim for. I

Load an ISO 3D file to Convert 3D ISO image to 3D SBS MKV file

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This article will tech you how to convert 3D ISO image movie files to 3D SBS MKV file for playback by most video players and protable devices. "ISO file is regarded as the image file for a DVD disc. Hence, ISO image, as an ideal DVD archiving and recreating format, is fully competent for its job, helping us burn to DVD disc and transporting through internet. I have download some 3D iso file, and wanna to convert these 3d iso files to 3d sbs mkv format video playback, any ideas?" Most media players or portable devices cannot play the ISO files. To ensure that people can play the content in the 3D ISO, they convert 3D ISO to MKV. MKV files are supported by most video players and portable device, and that is why most people would prefer to convert 3D ISO to 3D SBS MKV. The following art...

Copy Blu-ray for playing on Vizio P/M Series 4K LED TV via usb-hard drive

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The best Vizio TV we've reviewed is the Vizio P Series 2017 LED TV. This is the exact same TV as the P Series 2016, but it replaces its tablet remote for a more functional and simple standard remote to access on screen menus. It sports a powerful local dimming feature making it one of the best LED TVs for watching movies in a dark room. It's not quite as bright as competing models from other manufacturers, but it still offers great value and a great gaming experience thanks to its low input lag. The Vizio M Series 2017 4k LED TV offers a lot of the performance found on the P Series for a significant discount. Its local dimming feature isn't quite as good as the P Series, but it's still better than the average found in its price range. Vizio added HDR related features this year such as a...

How to Painlessly Convert Blu-ray and Play BD/DVD Movies on LG V30 ?

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The V30 has been heavily inspired by the design of the LG G6. The six-inch screen features an 18:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 2,880 × 1,440, just like the G6 — although it differs in one significant way. Whereas the G6’s panel was LCD, the V30’s is OLED. It is a new direction for LG and in line with the way the industry is heading, thanks to the technology’s ability to provide more vivid colors, perfect blacks, and dynamically conserve battery. However, without a hard drive, you can't watch Blu-ray movies on LG V30 directly. Luckily that there are tools that make this possible. The Blu-ray Copying and Ripping tools you might be looking for. After testing several Blu-ray Copier and Ripper tools, I find it’s really hard to say which one is the best. Perhaps A supports numerous outp

Easy way to Play VOB on Android Devices without Android Media Player

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This article aims to show you an easy and quick solution to convert DVD VOB movies for playback on Android devices easily. Chances are you have some VOB movies ripped from a DVD or downloaded from the Internet, ever thought oftransferring vob files into your Android Devices for enjoying and sharing as your will? Then you'll won't miss this article! Although there are so many Android media players for you to play VOB files, many of them may not play VOB files in high quality on your device. What's more, some apps will slow download your device. Does this mean that you can't view your VOB videos on your Android devices? Never mind, you have another choice. To easily play VOB file on Android phones or Tablets, you need to download a professional Android video converter - Brorsoft...

How to Rip a Blu-ray for Playback with Samsung Chromebook 3

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The $179 Samsung Chromebook 3 is a great little laptop for both school and entertainment, especially for younger kids and frequent travelers. This 11.6-inch notebook not only boasts a fantastic screen and nearly 10 hours of battery life but also comes with 4GB of RAM, so you can expect solid performance. And because its 32GB of storage isn't taken up by Windows 10, you'll find plenty of onboard storage for your personal files. For the price, the Samsung Chromebook 3 is a great choice for fans of Chrome OS. However, you may be confronted with an obstacle that you cannot watch Blu-ray movies on Samsung Chromebook 3 directly. Well, no need to worry. Since Samsung Chromebook 3 doesn''t have the drive for Blu-ray playback, in order to get Blu-ray movies playable on Samsung Chromebook ...

Blu-ray to Chromebooks – How to Rip and Copy Blu-ray movies to Chromebooks

In many ways, Chromebooks are not all that different from traditional laptops. They still use the familiar clamshell design of a laptop. Instead, they are really designed for online connectivity with low price tags and portability being key.In essence, they are kind of like a new wave of netbooks but rather than running a scaled back version of Windows, they run the Chrome OS operating system designed by Google which is what their name derive from. Chromebooks are perfect for those who enjoy watching movies on a mobiledevice. If you have movies on Blu-ray discs and you want to get them on your Chromebooks for amusement on the go, you will find some useful information in the tutorial below to convert and rip Blu-ray to Chromebooks on Mac OS X (E1 Capitan & macOS Sierra included). ...

How to Convert DAV to MKV – DAV to MKV Converter Tutorial

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This tutorial explains how easily can convert your DAV files to MKV format with just few clicks. What is the .DAV file type? The .dav extension denotes the Dahua DVR Video (DAV) file format and the .dav file type. Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is the major Chinese producer and provider of AVR (Analog Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) solutions for a wide range of applications (home/office security, multi-channel CCTV surveillance, etc.). Dahua products are often re-branded and marketed under a dozen other trademarks, incl. Mace, Q-See, XTSVideo and others. DAV is a proprietary encrypted container format by Dahua based upon the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec, with possible vendor-specific sub-variants of the format. Being containers, DAV files can contain both video and audio t...